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  • Will I have the only key to my storage unit?
    Yes, only you have the key to your storage unit. We open the main entry and only you open and close your storage unit.
  • Is there any moisture and dampness?
    No. Our facility is quite well ventilated and spacious.
  • Can we deposit and take out things whenever we want?
    You may come and go as you wish weekdays : 08:30-18:00 and Sat:09:00-17:00. We are only closed on Sunday.
  • Do you have a freight elevator?
    Yes, we have a freight elevator and carrying equipment in our facilities. It is also possible to obtain personnel to help transport and packaging materials on request.
  • Are your storage units secure?
    Our entire facility is monitored by closed-circuit and motion-sensitive camera systems. Our facilities are guarded by one of the leading companies in the sector and we also have security guards present. Being located inside a business center belonging to us reduces security concerns to a minimum.
  • Do issue invoices and contracts?
    Our company uses invoices and contracts in all transactions. The invoice and contract is prepared with the name of the storage unit owner. No worries, there are no commitments on our contracts. Whether you rent a storage unit for 1 month or for 3 years, all your belongings are insured.
  • Can we learn your warehouse dimensions?
    Of course, we have 3 different types of units. The details are as follows: Horizontal 1.25 Depth 2.40 Height 2.84 Horizontal 1.45 Depth 2.04 Height 2.84 8.75 m³ small unit. Horizontal 2.10 Depth 2.10 Height 2.84 Horizontal 1.45 Depth 2.04 Height 2.84 12.49 m3 4.40 m² medium storage unit. Horizontal 2.30 Depth 2.80 Height 2.84 / 8.75 m3 - 6 m² large storage unit Horizontal 2.53 Depth 2.70 Height 2.84 / 8.40 m3 - 6 m² large storage unit 19 m3
  • What is Self Storage?
    In Turkish we can say the definition is a storage facility that is comprised of several rooms. The difference of Self Storage compared to other storage is that the key to your storage unit is always in your possession. You can think of it as a room or garage belonging to you.
  • What can't we store or sell?
    Poisonous and hazardous chemicals Flammable and explosive materials Radioactive materials Live animals Perishable foods Illegal substances Wastes
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